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A country safe and secure from
health and economic consequences
of public health”.


The key functions of the Ministry currently include:
 The provision of national health services involving policy formulation,
planning, construction and management of facilities at all levels of the
health care delivery system;
 The promotion of good health practices in the community and the
development of a clean and healthy environment;
 Development of the organization’s human resources both in terms of
skills and quality for the effective delivery of health care services in the
 The allocation and management of public financial and material
resources in the health sector;
 The control and enforcement of existing health legislation, in particular,
improving quality control of services, for example, through more secure
drug regimes;
 Coordinating the activities of NGOs and other institutional partners
participating in the health sector and ensuring the Ministry discharges
its international obligations.

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“A health system able to prevent, detect and respond to public health threats through all – sector collaboration.''